Will My Sponsorship Be Affected By a Consumer Proposal?

Will My Sponsorship Be Affected By A Consumer Proposal?

Will a consumer proposal affect my sponsorship?” Many of our clients are foreign-born so this is a common question in our practice.

One of the most common concerns we hear from people we consult with is the impact filing a consumer proposal may have on their ability to sponsor family members who wish to immigrate to Canada.

So, does filing a proposal prevent a person from sponsoring a family member?

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A Consumer Proposal Won’t Affect Your Sponsorship Application

Short answer: “No” – filing a consumer proposal won’t stop you from sponsoring someone. Here are examples of what will prevent you from sponsoring someone:

    • You are a permanent resident subject to a removal order
    • You are in jail
    • You have been convicted of a sexual offense
    • You’ve defaulted on child support payments
    • You are in default of a debt owed under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act
    • You fail to meet minimum income requirements
    • You are an undischarged bankrupt under the Bankruptcy & Insolvency Act

A Bankruptcy Will Affect Your Sponsorship Application

As you can see, someone that has filed for personal bankruptcy but hasn’t been discharged cannot sponsor someone. But a consumer proposal debtor is not a bankrupt – hence there is nothing that prohibits you from being a sponsor if you file a consumer proposal.

In fact, you’ll be in a better financial position once you got your debts under control through a consumer proposal, so you’ll be able to support family members when they arrive, and help them get settled.

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