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Reviews from former clients

There is no better advertising than the excellent feedback we’ve received from our clients throughout the many years we’ve been in practice. What follows are actual reviews of our personal bankruptcy and consumer proposal services.

Bankruptcy Reviews

I like to shop around a lot before making a decision of whom to help me. I was embarrassed, felt small and not important. When I started looking for someone to help me, the more and more representatives I’ve seen, the more I felt that every person did not take me seriously.I felt they were almost mocking me and being very judgmental. One of them actually laughed when I said “isn’t bad to be bankrupt?”I met with Victor (he was probably number 15 guy I saw), I was getting tired and started losing hope, but Victor actually was quiet, and answered my questions directly, didn’t try to fill my head with nonsense or convince me to stick with him.

It’s the best decision I’ve made to let him help me. Prompt service, excellent, efficient, just simply wonderful. People don’t come out and admit they are going through financial problems, but if they were, I would recommend Victor in a heart beat. He goes beyond the numbers and financial calculations, he actually recommended some personal help and gave me good advice as well. I liked that. It was really good advice.

Thank you again! I wish every professional out there conduct themselves like Victor did. Everything would be a pleasant and caring breeze and we’d have time to breathe 🙂

— Olivia P.

Excellent services Fong and Partners were extremely professional and empathetic. They helped me get out of a difficult situation without judgment and made the process much easier than I thought. My only regret is that I waited so long in seeking them out!

— Glen J.

Thank you I just want to express my thanks to Fong and Partners. At first I was very hesitant and embarrassed to see someone about my problem. But when I met with Fong and Partners they were all very professional but at the same time they made me feel comfortable.They answered all my questions and also gave me options/solutions which has helped me a great deal. Already I have a established credit with their help and I am back on track with my finances. Everyone was really supportive, helpful and non judgmental which was important to me. I would highly recommend them to anyone. Thanks again for helping me with everything much appreciated.

— Elizabeth N.

Thank you! I can’t express how efficient, thorough and caring you all were. Right from the onset, you helped put me at ease during one of the most difficult times in my life. Making the decision to claim bankruptcy was incredibly hard and embarrassing, and you helped me without judgment. I am now getting back on my feet and the gloom I felt prior to claiming it, has lifted considerably. I would absolutely recommend you to anyone! A sincere thank you.

— JH

True and professional Fong and Partners help me out with my debt situation, and they did an amazing job. Victor was so helpful and always answered my questions with ease so i can understand what was going to happen and how it was going to be handled and how it would affect me in the end. The people that work in his office were also very helpful when I had questions to be answered. They were very professional and always kept me up to date with everything.

I would recommend them to anyone out there, and I already have. Victor always made me feel very comfortable when I had meetings with him, and they were always so very nice to me. So if you need someone to help you out with your debt situation please contact them, they are awesome.

— Nadia P.

Consumer Proposal Reviews

Excellent Service I was dealing with an unfortunate circumstance financially back in 2007. I had no idea what to do and I felt so ashamed of my situation. I did a Google search for some financial help to give me my options and I came across Fong and Partners.

I made an appointment and ended up dealing with Mr. Victor Fong himself.He was very kind and understanding in dealing with my situation. He was the first person who didn’t make me feel bad about what I was going through.

We had discussed the options and the route we chose saved my life. I have told some friends about Victor and his firm. I learned a lot from Victor and my life is back on track and I’m doing well 2 years later. Thanks to Victor for all of his help!

— Colin D.

I was first introduced to Fong and Partners Inc. by my boss (a prominent Toronto lawyer).I was having a real hard time with my finances, and I was stressed out and confused. I confided with my boss regarding my struggles as I am a single mother with one child (17yrs), trying to make a better life for both of us.

I first met Victor Fong last July 2005. A bit nervous when I first walked into the office, I was greeted by a friendly lady at the reception. At that point, I felt a little more at ease, as this was my first time doing this.

As I was waiting, Heather came out and introduced herself and escorted me into the office. I was offered coffee, tea, etc., and I accepted a tea. While sipping on my tea, Heather and I chatted for a bit as we waited for Victor.

Victor came into the office and greeted me with open arms. That made me feel relaxed and comfortable. He then proceeded to explain the bankruptcy process which was explained to me with great knowledge. He wasted no time with getting things started and done.

Now I can say I have made a drastic change as to how I spend my money and I now save as well. I am very pleased with the service I received from this firm.

Thanks Victor, you saved my life!

— Patricia P.

I would like to thank Victor Fong , Trustee in Bankruptcy and his staff for taking great care of me in one of my most difficult situations.Victor was very understanding and made sure that all my needs were met in an efficient and timely manner. He explained the process thoroughly and ensured me that everything will work out.

Thank you Victor for all your help, and I would definitely recommend you and your team should anyone ask me in the future.


— Joanne C.

As an individual trying to overcome overwhelming financial difficulties, I needed more than just advice. I was referred to Fong and Partners Inc. by a trusted friend and contacted them with some trepidation. The service and advice I received was more than I could have ever expected. I was treated with respect and my confidence in dealing with my problems skyrocketed with the support given me.It is a difficult period for anyone and the people at Fong and Partners Inc. gave me everything that I needed.

Thanks to you all

— John R.

I just wanted to commend you on the superior service I had received from you. I had fallen on one of the most difficult times in my life and I didn’t know what to do. Bills were piling up, all paycheques that were coming in were going right out the door. Food was scarce and I had literally hit rock bottom.

After some hesitation I had finally contacted you personally. Not only did you understand me but you were very empathetic. For the first time, someone wasn’t criticizing my situation.

It feels like a 10 tonne weight has been lifted off my shoulder and I finally have hope for the future. Thank you for everything. If I ever know someone in the same situation I was in be assured you will be the first person I recommend.


— CS

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